I Love October!
because it's full of haunted houses, blankets,
& cinnamon coffee drinks.

Forces pulling from the center of the earth again, I can feel it.
Too many plans, or no plans.
I need a car.
And a license.
So that I can make my own,
and keep them.

Found a recipe to make,
Pumpkin Cupcakes with Pumpkin Spiced Cream Cheese Frosting
But, I have no way to get to the store.

(no subject)

old world underground, where are you now?

Gold, Guns, Girls.

Third row,
VH1 storytellers experience.

Dinner, and drinks.
Like-minded discussion.

Emily Haines is stunning.
Couldn't have been any better.

Hello February.
Recipe for a successful night in:

1 Kenan,
1 six-pack of IBC root beer,
BOGO microwave popcorn,
a small, non-spreading roof leak,
and various French films on hand.
(Thank you Netflix.)

Watched about a third of Nathalie--
and followed with Les Chansons d'amour.

Today will be spent doing boring life things.

Like-- organizing my iTunes library,
sorting through inboxes,
washing my sheets, towels, and

Aaand tonight is Greys with @girloncebird.
Hopefully they don't pull some two week break shit.
I hate that!

Joining the LJ return.

You're everywhere I go, aren't you?
Or maybe it's just this city.

Next large purchase will be a bicycle.
orange, green, or yellow--

I've started needle felting animal heads.
Bodies are so daunting!

I've wiki-organized my grocery list,
it's nothing short of magnificent.

It's finally Christmas time. <3.

The tree is UP.
Before Thanksgiving and everything!

Along with the photo of our tree,
here is a poem that I wrote for my mother,
in a poetry book that I made as a Christmas gift,
when I was a little girl.

Christmas Eve

exciting, anxious
shopping, wrapping, hiding
happy, cheerful, giddy, awesome
opening, tearing, playing
awake, beautiful

Christmas Morning.

Knit No. 1

So, today I made a scarf--
but most people know already.

I'm posting for myself.


I laughed.
Grocery stores/markets/yada are infuriating for all of these reasons.
[But I still love them way more than most people]

**Aaaand it's not loading for me, but if it does for you--Good

[at least for another seven years..]

I just found this from my old journal:

Tonight was...

fresh fruit with real silver
being shouted at unnecessarily
dancing in drenched clothing on fountain tops
jumping in puddles
running mascara
a spanish guitar trio straight out of desperado
paint covered tarp seat-covers
driving in the rain
jane of the waking universe
grapes and scare tactics
video mods
and warm jeans straight from the dryer

possibly something i'll actually remember
for once.

Those were the days.

But, in other news--
I'm going back to school for Computer Science.
Not sure when, and may need to go take gen. studies courses elsewhere.
But, it's definitely something that will happen or begin to happen

Also, $20 dollar giftcard and Swiss Ball for dept. MVP at work.
Works for me.


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